issue in 1989 the book:


Emanuil Isikovich Kaner (1931 – 1986) is a well-known Soviet physic-theorist, cor. Member of the Ukraine SSR Akademy of Sciences. He contributed very much to the development of solid state physics and statistical radiophysics. E.A. Kaner became known in science in the mid of 50s, when he and M.Ya. Azbel predicted a cyclotron resonance in metals. This attractive phenomenon is known in the world literature as the Azbel-Kaner cyclotron resonance. It has opened an epoch of investigations in the field of high-frequency properties of metals in the magnetic fields. E.A Kaner has written basic fundamental works on the theory of anomalous penetration of radiowaves, magnetoacoustic resonances and slightly damped waves in metals. Works of this scientist in the theory of instabilities in gas and solid-state plasma are widely known in the scientific world too. As worthy tribute to his works, E.A.Kaner was honoured two Diplomas for inventions and State Prize of the Ukrainian SSR. Scientific works of E.A.Kaner sprang forth a lot of new physical ideas formulated in precise terms. They gave birth for many further experimental and theoretical studies. The activity of E.A.Kaner as an Editor of the international journal “Solid States Communications” has gained wide acknowledgement.
Creative activity and life of E.A.Kaner that so early and abruptly came to an end, the place E.A. Kaner occupied in science, his humane cast of mind are described in the essay to the book included. The essay is written by colleagues of E.A. Kaner who worked with him for a long time in research institutions of Kharkov which the whole life of Kaner was related to. The range of scientific interests of the scientist has become evident from list of his published works.
The consisting of two parts book embraces mainly scientific papers. The first part “ Electron Resonances in Metals and Semiconductors” includes pioneer works where the cyclotron resonance in metals was predicted and complete theory constructed, as well as surface high-frequency phenomena in the magnetic field of different orientation important for contactless spectroscopy of the metal surface were studied.
This part of the book embraces also works on ballistic effects of the anomalous transparency of metal which are widely used nowadays to study fine characteristics of metal. These works made to revise the traditional view of the metal as a shield of electromagnetic radiation. Last works of E.A.Kaner on electron resonances are represented by papers on conducting solid state physics, where the theory on magnetodynamic nonlinearity of metals and theory on the cyclotron parameter resonance in semiconductors are constructed. The second part of the book “Electromagnetic and Sonic Waves in Metals” covers works of Kaner on collective electromagnetic and magnetoacoustic phenomena. It includes a cycle of works where the theory of intrinsic electromagnetic excitations in degenera-ted electron plasma of metals is suggested. Comprehensive original studies in various manifestations of electron resonances in mag-netoacoustic phenomena have been made by E.A. Kaner. Readers will get acquainted with works on acoustic, magnetoacoustic, helicon-phonon resonances, theory of surface (Rayleigh) sonic waves, studies in strong nonadiabatic effects in electron- phonon interaction. The theory of electromagnetic excitation of sound in metals constructed by E.A. Kaner is consideration.
Last years of his life E.A. Kaner devoted to studies of disordered low-dimensional systems. The papers presented in the book are important both in the methodological aspect and in the aspect of main physical conclusions. In particular, the theory on space dispersion with slow wave propagation in onedimensional disordered metals developed consistently by E.A. Kaner is described. The book is crowned with works on the theory of wave propagation and plasma instabilities in semiconductor. The book is intended for physicists: researchers, post- graduates, students of higher schools, specialists in the solid state and theoretical physics; may be used as a reference book.

(Photo of E.A. Kaner)